School Book Cover Sizes

Although there are many different types of exercise books in Australia, they all fall into one of the sizes shown below.

  • 9X7 Size

    9X7 Size

    Page size: 225mm (H) x 175mm (W)

  • A4 Size

    A4 Size

    Page size: 297mm (H) x 210mm (W)

  • Scrapbook Size

    Scrapbook Size

    Page size: 335mm (H) x 245mm (W)

  • Student Note Book

    Student Note Book

    Page size: 255mm (H) x 205mm (W)

  • NSW Tall Size

    NSW Tall Size

    Page size: 250mm (H) x 175mm (W)

  • NSW Wide Size

    NSW Wide Size

    Page size: 175mm (H) x 250mm (W)

  • Memo Size

    Memo Size

    Page size: 165mm (H) x 100mm (W)

  • Clever Kangaroo Scrapbook

    Clever Kangaroo Scrapbook

    Page size: 340mm (H) x 240mm (W)

  • Stretchez Small

    Stretchez Small

    Size: Hard covers up to 15cm x 20cm x 2cm (A5)

  • Stretchez Large

    Stretchez Large

    Size: Hard covers up to 23cm x 30.3cm x 5cm (A4)

Finding the right size

All our covers slip over exercise books to fit perfectly, no adjustment is required. Putting on a cover takes about ten seconds and most kids can do it themselves. Don't worry if you order the wrong size, send it back with a self-addressed stamped envelope and we'll swap it at no charge.

Find the right size

Customer Reviews

5 Stars

Fantastic product!

This was my first year using EZ Covers and my sanity has returned after last year’s nightmare. So easy to use, my son could choose as many designs as he wanted and they were all covered in a few minutes.
Julia Williams
5 Stars

Best Invention Ever!

I’ve used EZ covers for the last 3 years and love them! They arrived in a matter of days (the week before Christmas - pretty awesome for that time of year) they’re so easy to put invention ever!
Emma Murphy
5 Stars

Top notch

Fantastic!!! Can't believe I waited so long to order book covers. Quality is great and so much cheaper then other sites and stores.
Kelz Roberts
5 Stars

An awesome alternative

This is my first year of book covers and I’m loving the idea my husband doesn’t have to sit down for hours on end trying to contact 40 books for our 3 boys.
Cassie Penn