Frequently asked questions about EZ Covers



No our covers aren't large enough to fit those very fat A4 books.

No, the covers slide on and fit snugly until you are ready to take them off, there is no need for any glue.

Most Australian scrapbooks measure 335mm x 245mm, however some are made at 335 x 240mm, 5mm narrower.

We have made our scrapbook covers to fit the 335mm x 245mm scrapbook as that is the most common scrapbook size in Australia. We chose the slightly larger size not only because it was the most common, but also because if the covers are 5mm too small they can't be used but if they are 5mm too big they will fit, but just be a little bit loose.

One option may be our Clever Kangaroo Scrapbook covers which are fitted for 340 x 240mm dimensions.

EZ Covers will fit all AU soft cover exercise books. Hard cover books may fit our Stretchez covers, see below under Product.


It will depend on your child but if they are looked after they will last for years.

Our covers are made from Low-density polyethylene (LDPE) that has the recycling code 4, and are accepted in many soft plastics recycling programmes.

Yes, our covers contain no PVC or PVC plasticisers (click here for the Wikipedia overview on PVC plasticisers).

PVC is usually quite thick and has a 1-2mm seal running horizontally and vertically around the cover. The recycling code for PVC is 3.

The additives used to make PVC soft have been associated with a number of health risks. Click here to read the Wikipedia article.

Greenpeace described PVC as the most environmentally damaging plastic due to its toxicity and difficulty to recycle.

We manufacture our covers using some recycled materials. These recycled materials contain many imperfections due to the different types of plastic mixed into the materials that we use. When we seal and cut our covers the hot knife can sometimes exaggerate the imperfections found in the recycled materials resulting in small bumps along the top and bottom edges.

As the scrapbook cover is a large cover we have included a double sided low-tack tape to help hold the cover in position. Some people choose not to use the tape, the cover stays on fine without it.

Our stretchable covers made from high-quality fabrics, in awesome designs, are sure to infuse fun and variety into your hardcover textbooks. Stretchez are also 100% machine washable and reusable.

Protect and stylise your valuable hardcover textbooks with our Stretchez adhesive-free protective covers.

Super easy to put on and remove from hardcover textbooks. No taping or cutting required.

Reusable and washable - Made from high-strength, durable stretchable nylon fabric for years of protection.


A4 - Fits most larger hardcover textbooks, up to 23cm x 30.3cm x 5cm

A5 - Snugly fit smaller, thinner hardcover textbooks up to 20cm x 25cm x 2cm

We introduce a number of new designs each year, however, absolutely everything that we have available at the moment is listed on our order page.

The New Zealand exercise books are slightly different sizes.

Through this website, we accept all major credit and debit cards.

Personalised Labels

Yes, the name and book labels are safe for the dishwasher and microwave. To ensure your labels keep looking great, we recommend that you stick the label onto the item you are naming and leave it for at least 12 hours before putting them into the microwave or dishwasher. That way the label has time to make a strong adhesive bond with the item.

If this has happened for a label, please send us a picture of the labelled item so we can see what’s involved and look for a solution together. It is probably due to the label not having enough time to cure the item you are naming. Also please be aware that the labels will have issues adhering to rough surfaces.

Please see our handy instructions here. An instruction sheet is also sent with the labels so you have got the information when you need it.

We have several helpful hints for label placement on clothing here. This helpful sheet is also included with your order so you’ll have the information when you need it.

Oh dear! If the iron-on label starts to shrivel or melt, this means your iron’s heat setting is too high and you might have forgotten to add the layer of baking paper between the iron and the label/fabric. If you iron-on the labels without the baking paper, the labels will shrivel.

Iron-on labels: 45mm wide x 13mm high
Personalised name labels: 45mm wide x 12mm high
Personalised book labels: 45mm wide x 30mm high

Shipping, Refunds and Returns

Your covers leave the next working day and usually take 5-7 working days to arrive, all our covers are sent using airmail to all parts of Australia.  You will receive a confirmation email from us once your order has been packed and sent.  Working days are based around New Zealand public holidays.

Shipping is $9.75 with free delivery on orders over $80.

See our Shipping, Refunds and Returns Policy for further details.

School Bulk Orders/Fundraising

Send us an email to info.au@ezcovers.com. We will get in touch with you about using our covers as a fundraiser. This is a great fundraising option to get in place before your stationery lists go out. For more information have a look at our Information for Schools page here.

Yes, schools can contact us to organise a bulk order for their school. Please email info.au@ezcovers.com and we can walk you through the process. We offer discounted pricing for orders over 100 covers.

Anything Else?

Send us an email and we'll get back to you right away (info.au@ezcovers.com)